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InfraRx™ is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain by more than 50%

Testimonial From John - InfraRx
Just wanted to reach out to concerning the InfraRx infrared heating pad you provided me to help alleviate my chronic neuropathy in my feet and toes following my lumbar spinal fusion last December. By using the InfraRx heating pad twice per day, for approx. 20-25 minutes, the last 3 months, has greatly reduced those symptoms to a point that I’m able to stay active and relatively pain free most every day. This product has substantially improved my quality of life since I began using it and for that I am extremely grateful. Thanks again for making me aware of this project, and helping me greatly to return to good health. Have a great day.

John C.


I have been using the infrared heat pad for just over a month and the results have been amazing. I am no longer taking any medication at all. I get through my days “Pain Free”. I have to admit, I openly wept the first morning I felt NO pain at all. I have Degenerative Disc Disease. My first surgery was a Micro Discectomy. The following 3 years the disc disappeared completely and I had excruciating lower back and sciatic pain. I’ve had several cortisone injections but the pain was still there. The pad is nothing short of a miracle. It has allowed me to do Pilates “pain-free” to strengthen my core and protect my remaining discs. Thank you SO MUCH. I am indescribably grateful. Bless you.

Christina D.


Testimonial From Terry - InfraRx
The Infrared Therapy System is adaptable for placement at all sites of injury. Its thermogenic effect causes deep vasodilation of tissues to remove lactic acid accumulated in tissue injury. This expedites healing and decreases pain. We prescribe it for home application in the treatment of whiplash, sprains, strains, athletic injuries, and arthritis pain at all extremities and for spinal pain. It is safe, effective and does not dehydrate the skin. Our patients’ success has resulted in their recommend

Dr. Terry Procyshen


“As a CPGA Class “A” golf professional with a focus on golf specific conditioning I have found the infrared heat pad to be an effective tool in the management of recovery and recuperation from golf and training. The Thermotex is portable and effective. It can provide benefit to virtually any golfer, recreational or professional.”

Kendra Yonomoto

Professional Golfer

Testimonial From Kendra - InfraRx